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Start up spa financed

This Business Owner dreamed of starting a Spa as a Business to own after retirement. They had EXCELLENT credit. They went to a highly recognized National Bank for the Start Up funding. Their stellar credit and long standing relationship got them approved for $15000 and only if they took $15000 of their own money and secured the loan with a CD! They came to KIMCORP. They were APPROVED for $160,000 received funding, and the store had not even opened yet!

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KIMCORP 25 Year Experience

Facing severe cash-flow problems during a slow season, one of our clients – an aged business owner – came to KIMCORP as he had to urgently pay a delinquent tax bill and boost his operational account. Although he had limited credit and modest cash flow, KIMCORP approved him for $102,000 after having reviewed multiple alternatives. Not only was his business sustained but it is thriving now due to the timely help from us.

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KIMCORO Sub-contractor funded

Having already won an $800,000 government contract, our client, who was a sub-contractor was in dire need of funds in order to hire employees and lease equipment to fulfill the contract. KIMCORP provided him instant access to $50,000 within 24 hours of approaching us so that he could successfully complete the project he had undertaken. He has been a long-term customer now whose business has grown tremendously ever since he first partnered up with KIMCORP.

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landscape company funded

After having faced multiple rejections from both well-established banks as well as small business incubators, a family-owned landscaping company, which was on the verge of bankruptcy contacted KIMCORP. $61,000 was provided as funding to the company, which has since then not only been stabilized but is also churning out huge profits. KIMCORP helped the company maintain its family legacy and believed in the company when no one else did. This is exactly why KIMCORP is the now the preferred choice of that particular landscaping company.

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